Attraction Places

Beautiful and attractive places near to Hikkaduwa

World Heritage


located in southern Sri Lanka, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that encapsulates centuries of history and culture. Built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and later fortified by the Dutch, the fort stands as a testament to the island's colonial past. The fortification's unique blend of European architecture and South Asian influences creates a captivating atmosphere. Wandering through its narrow cobblestone streets, visitors encounter charming colonial buildings, vibrant markets, and picturesque sea views. The iconic Galle Lighthouse offers a panoramic perspective of the Indian Ocean, while the Dutch Reformed Church and historical ramparts showcase the fort's architectural grandeur. Today, Galle Fort is not only a living museum but also a thriving community with boutique shops, art galleries, and trendy cafes. Its cultural richness and architectural significance make it a must-visit destination, providing a fascinating glimpse into Sri Lanka's diverse heritage.

Traditional Mask


a coastal town in Sri Lanka, is renowned for its traditional mask-making artistry, a craft deeply rooted in the region's vibrant cultural and religious practices. The Ambalangoda Mask Museum stands as a testament to this rich heritage, showcasing an extensive collection of intricately crafted masks that depict various characters from Sri Lankan folklore, dance dramas, and rituals. These masks, made from sustainable materials, are not merely artistic creations but also hold spiritual significance, often used in traditional performances and ceremonies. Visitors to the museum are immersed in the fascinating world of Sri Lankan mythology and storytelling, gaining insight into the cultural tapestry that has shaped the island nation. The museum serves as a guardian of this unique art form, preserving and promoting the craft for future generations, making it a captivating destination for those eager to explore Sri Lanka's cultural depth.

Expensive and Beautiful

Moonstone Mines

In close proximity to Hikkaduwa, the enchanting Moonstone Mines in Meetiyagoda offer a unique and captivating experience. Known as the "Gem of the Southern Coast," these mines are a hidden gem for travelers seeking something beyond the typical beach scene. The Moonstone Mines take you on a journey into the heart of Sri Lanka's gem industry, where you can witness the extraction of these mystical gemstones. The iridescent glow of moonstones, coupled with the traditional craftsmanship on display, creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. Visitors can explore the mines, learn about the intricate process of extraction, and even purchase beautifully crafted moonstone jewelry. This offbeat attraction adds a touch of mystique to your Hikkaduwa adventure, providing a perfect blend of culture, history, and natural beauty.

Rain Forest


Nestled in the verdant landscape of southern Sri Lanka, Kanneliya Rainforest Reserve stands as a biodiversity hotspot and an ecological treasure. Spanning over 5,800 hectares, this lush rainforest is celebrated for its diverse flora and fauna, some of which are endemic to the island. Towering trees, vibrant orchids, and meandering streams create a picturesque setting, offering a haven for nature enthusiasts and researchers alike. Kanneliya is not only a sanctuary for over 300 plant species but also harbors a rich array of wildlife, including endemic birds, reptiles, and mammals. Visitors can explore well-maintained trails that lead to hidden waterfalls and viewpoints, providing an immersive experience in the heart of nature. The reserve's importance extends beyond its scenic charm; it plays a crucial role in conservation efforts, ensuring the preservation of Sri Lanka's unique ecological heritage for future generations.


Surfing Point

Hikkaduwa, on Sri Lanka's southwestern coast, boasts one of the best surfing points in the region, making it a mecca for surf enthusiasts. The renowned main surf break in Hikkaduwa is located in the vibrant Narigama Beach area. Offering consistent waves suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned surfers, the break is characterized by its long, peeling waves that create an ideal canvas for exhilarating rides. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the inviting tropical climate make Hikkaduwa an attractive destination for surfers year-round. Surf schools and board rental shops line the beach, providing ample opportunities for those looking to catch their first wave or refine their skills. Beyond the surf, Hikkaduwa's lively atmosphere, beachfront cafes, and the pulsating energy of the local surf community contribute to the area's allure as a must-visit surfing destination in Sri Lanka.


Turtle Care

located along the southern coast of Sri Lanka, is known for its pristine beaches and plays a crucial role in turtle conservation efforts. The Turtle Care Project in Paraliya focuses on protecting and preserving sea turtles, providing a unique and meaningful experience for visitors. The project typically involves the following elements:

  1. Conservation Hatcheries: Turtle eggs are collected from nests along the beach and brought to conservation hatcheries. This safeguards the eggs from natural predators and human activities.
  2. Educational Initiatives: Visitors can learn about the different species of sea turtles, their life cycles, and the conservation challenges they face. Educational programs are often conducted to raise awareness about the importance of protecting these endangered creatures.
  3. Release Programs: Tourists have the opportunity to witness or participate in the release of turtle hatchlings into the ocean. This hands-on experience fosters a connection between visitors and the conservation efforts.
  4. Beach Patrols: Volunteers and staff conduct regular beach patrols to monitor nesting activities, protect nests, and ensure the safety of both adult turtles and their hatchlings.
  5. Research and Data Collection: The project may involve scientific research to gather data on turtle populations, behavior, and nesting patterns, contributing to broader conservation efforts.

By participating in or supporting the Turtle Care Project in Paraliya, visitors not only contribute to the conservation of these magnificent creatures but also gain a deeper understanding of the delicate balance between tourism and environmental preservation.